Walk Through the Proposed Revisions to the NH Rules for the Education of Children with Disabilities

The NH Rules for the Education of Children with Disabilities are NH’s special education regulations. They include important rights and protections that support parent involvement in the special education process, and they provide clear timelines and procedures to assist parents, schools and school districts to understand and participate effectively in the special education process.
The NH Rules are being reauthorized. Some changes will be made to ensure that the NH Rules continue to be up-to-date; other changes may be made based on input received by the NH Department of Education from parents, school administrators, and others, and based on the input the State Board of Education is given at the public hearings they have scheduled. Join this webinar to learn about the NH special education process, what changes are being proposed, and some strategies to prepare and provide your input to the State Board of Education.

*IMPORTANT – You will need to print the handout prior to the webinar, specific pages will be referenced throughout the session.

Handouts for 6-29 NH Rules Webinar (48 p. pdf)

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