Advocates For Families


How do I schedule an AFC appointment?

Please call our office at 603-224-7005 or toll-free at 1-800-947-7005 and let the receptionist know you are interested in scheduling an AFC appointment.

What do I need to do to prepare for an AFC appointment?

1) Gather your child’s entire educational file including:

  • IEP or 504 plan
  • Evaluations (school and private), team meeting minutes, progress reports, report cards, work samples and other written documentation.

2) Review the school’s records…

…especially if you have not kept all copies given or sent.  We recommend using PIC’s Physical File Review 2017

3) Organize your records by date…

… oldest on bottom and newest on top or utilize PIC’s IEP organizer to help.

4) Make a list of questions or concerns to discuss during your appointment.

Advocates for Families of Children with Disabilities

Sometimes parents need a greater level of assistance than can be provided over the phone or through a workshop to understanding their child’s IEP and make sure it addresses all their child’s educational needs.  The Advocates for Families of Children with Disabilities (AFC) program can provide this assistance.

How does AFC work?

  1. AFC is a fee for service program, payable on the day of service
  2. Families meet one on one with a staff member at the PIC office in Concord
  3. AFC staff cannot attend IEP or 504 meeting with families

What can AFC do to assist parents?

  • Provide assistance in obtaining appropriate services through and in-depth review of evaluations, IEPs and other records
  • Provide guidance in identifying needs, strategies, options and resources
  • Help in planning for upcoming IEP or 504 meetings
  • Provide strategies on letter writing and other documentation strategies
  • Provide strategies on how to effectively communicate with your child’s school
  • Assist families at special education mediation sessions

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