Welcome to the Parent Information Center of NH

The Parent Information Center (PIC), a New Hampshire statewide family organization, strives to achieve positive outcomes for children and youth, with a focus on those with disabilities and special healthcare needs. This is achieved through its partnerships with families, educators, youth, professionals and organizations.

PIC is committed to the belief that:

  • Families make the difference.
  • When families, professionals and other partners are well-informed and have a shared commitment to work together, everyone benefits.
  • As youth move toward adulthood, they have increasing ownership of their future.
  • Every child can succeed and contribute as valued members of society.

The Parent Information Center (PIC) and its various grant programs address a variety of key issues in order to help parents support their children’s success in school and in life. Our programs include:

Inside PIC


PIC serves families of children from birth to 26, youth, communities, schools and others, through various grant-funded programs.

  • Special Education Process
  • Improving Family-School Partnerships in Special Education
  • Information and Resources for Special Medical Needs
  • Early Intervention for children who are Deaf/ Hard of Hearing or have a Vision Impairment
  • Child Abuse Prevention and Parenting Skills


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